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2014-02-19 22.33.14We all love to wear our jeans and although a staple in most wardrobes, jeans can be overwhelming to buy because of the vast choices available. I know I tend to veer towards the same safe brands that I feel good in and think flatter my figure most. However, I do sometimes feel stuck in a rut and that I should venture out of my comfort zone and try other styles and brands available. Here are some tips to help you through the tide of jeans out there.

Denim with stretch flatters most figures, but if they have too much stretch it does not stay shapely to the body. If they pull off easily try a smaller size. A little wriggling usually makes the perfect fit.  Try ones with a lean fit, fitted cotton and with stretch. The waistband should fit nice and snug and two fingers should be able to fit in the back, not the whole hand.

Bear in mind that different brands have different definitions of style and sizing so try on several pairs until you find ones that are comfortable and make you feel and look good. It always helps to take along a friend to give honest feedback. High pockets add volume to the body and give the bottom some shape. Clean jeans with no embellishments are modern and age appropriate.

If you are looking for jeans to be more dressy, it is better if they are dark blue or black. Darker jeans tend to look more polished and generally are more flattering. Don’t be afraid to try skinny jeans, friends have been encouraged to try them and saw how great they looked in them. Skinny jeans can work well for most body types. Try them; you may surprise yourself with how good you look! Get to know your shape, see what looks good on you and stick to it. Look for jeans that are the right proportion and cut for your frame. Jeans are about your size and shape, not your age!

I know it can be hard to come to terms with, but the fact is, that as time passes our body shape changes, especially after children. So look for jeans that embrace the shape you are.  A good pair of fine fitting jeans will help you feel confident and modern.

And throw away those Mom jeans (high waisted, light-wash, tapered jeans). There is no excuse!

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